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The Colette “Ginger” Skirt

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When I visited Denver one of the nice things I got for myself was a new pattern and fabric from a fantastic shop. I’ve admired the Colette patterns before and decided to give the Ginger a try. They had it made up in the shop and it looked like a really nice classic A-line skirt. I bought a beautiful deep turquoise linen to make it up in. (And since have purchased some fancy linen to make it out of but decided to make it from the less expensive first.) Though this pattern calls for just 4 pieces and a waistband I was pretty nervous about making it. I’ve never done a skirt with a waistband before, plus it calls for an invisible zipper. I foolishly hadn’t bought an invisible zipper, but then found several at the VNA Rummage Sale-hurrah!


Finally I had a nice day to settle in, construct it, and learn how to put in the zipper.
So, first up I have to say that I really like the Colette pattern packaging. It’s a little booklet with a pocket for the pieces. Instructions and illustrations are clear (with urls for corresponding online tutorials they have), and there’s even a page for your own notes. I would definitely make another Colette pattern just because I really liked how it was all put together and presented.


Things were going pretty well and then zipper time came. It turns out that I don’t have an invisible zipper foot on my new sewing machine. I found a tutorial for using a regular zipper foot. My vintage zipper is invisible but has pretty large metal teeth (why have it be metal and invisible? Metal zippers are cool.). I carefully followed the steps and then realized…my zipper was about 20″ long and I only needed about 8″. Normally you just cut off the excess, but not with metal. Argh! Again a search online, and the answer is to use needle nose pliers to yank the extra metal teeth out. I quickly gave up on that and decided I could cut between the teeth. Snip! Hooray! Immediately followed by despair as I realized I cut the excess while it was unzipped and the pull was below the cut. Leaving it dangling. Finally I was able to rethread it back on. Do you see why my sewing projects takes so long? Finally it was done! I think overall it came out pretty well. Not great, but hey it’s a first time. And I do love the little dangle pull that this kind of zipper has.

The final step was the waistband facing. I did have a couple issues with the waistband fitting the skirt waist, but overall it’s ok.

So here’s the finished product, ta-da!


I do love this and will definitely make it again. The fit is not perfect-the waistband is too big. (which you can see in the above picture I’ve styled it with a blouse on top so you can’t even tell the whole waistband design element.) Unclear if it’s that I just did a size too big (I did cut out a size bigger than I would normally wear) or if it’s the structure of the skirt. It’s a high waisted skirt, which makes me want to tug it down a lot since the waist is not fitted very tightly. I’m not sure how to change that for the next time. Here it is worn with a blouse tucked in (it’s the sorbetto tank I made last week!):

2015-05-07 15.06.57
I like how there are a lot of options with this skirt-the pattern came with three different waistbands, but I think you could also do it without the extra waistband.

IMG_2689And by the way, turns out this linen fabric is incredible. I’m sure it will wrinkle incredibly, but it ironed up so smooth and soft. And I love the color.



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  1. Beautiful job!

  2. It really came out nicely and really looks well with your new top.

  3. Lovely! And you look radiant as always!


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