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Peonies On Parade

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peony quad
It’s peony time! Not only is this a highlight of the garden calendar for me, but I also feel like it really kicks off the summer garden.  The new plant that was so highly anticipated last year remains a delight. The Raspberry Sundae blooms are huge and ruffly, the most delicate shades of ivory and pale pink.
The first plant to bloom is my huge corner one with the deep pink blooms (and terrible scent!) It’s already in full bloom while the plants that are more in the shade are still in bud. It’s been a delight to observe them over the course of a day and note that something that was closed an hour ago is now fully open. Last year we gave Paul a rosebush for his birthday and I’m thrilled that it has survived and thrived. Those buds just opened for the first time today (and they smell heavenly!)
Peonies & roses

Time to stop and smell the roses
I just love the way this whole side of the house looks-fluffy and colorful.
Parade of peonies
Now, to make the new open opposite side of the house equally lovely….   Although it doesn’t need to be the same, I am thinking that I will divide my biggest peony specimen this fall and put part of it on that other side.
Peony Pollen

peony blooms
The iris in the pond are also blooming beautifully right now. I removed the enormous lily that was taking up half of the pond border and did some serious weeding, and now the lovely blooms stand out even more.
Water Iris

Water Iris

Industrious BumblebeeI hope the blooms of late May are bringing you as much pleasure as they are me!



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  1. The peony I just acquired with our home is budding but hasn’t bloomed yet – I am watching it with ants in the pants! Seeing yours, I just can’t wait to find out what our blossoms will look like! 🙂


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