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Off to the Races!

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We are barreling towards summer at a breakneck pace it seems. Just 9 days left of school and only 5 of them are real days (the others are half.) We’ve already had an end of year concert from Tabby, a Field Day for Clark, and a Reader’s Theater in Tabby’s class.

2015-06-05 09.56.37 We’re still looking ahead at a 4th grade class trip to the state house in Trenton, as well as a bunch of other activities like our Girl Scout Daisy bridging, Cub Scout Raingutter Regatta, taking the kids to a concert, and going to a monster truck show (!) June is exhausting! Yesterday we participated in the annual Downhill Race that our town’s rec department puts on. We’d never been before and were very pleasantly surprised by what a nice event it is. Well run, but also very low-key. Everyone enjoyed the fact that they provided us with bagels in the morning, and grilled burgers and dogs in the afternoon.  The race is an anti-drug thing in connection with the police department (or maybe D.A.R.E.?), so every kid has to come up with a slogan for his or her car. They pick a winning slogan.  I have to commend all the people who put this event on because they were so nice to the kids and just made it a lot of fun. They even provide cars! We’d picked ours up earlier in the week (and would you believe we managed to get this thing in our Prius?!) and got to decorating it.



Of course, once we arrived and saw the others we realized that ours was quite clunky and heavy in shape and size. Some of them were really cool in their designs and decorations. We went with easy painting.

A road I’d never thought of as being hilly was blocked off and it turns out that yes, it has a long gentle slope. The kids get a start by having their cars put up on a steep ramp
On the starting ramp2015-06-07 12.20.51

and then the latch is released and off they go!
Headed down the long road
Our brakes were not so great, but that was ok.

And guess how you get back up to the top of the hill? You push it up the sidewalk.
and the cars come back up by you pushing them up the sidewalk
Both kid had a great time, did not crash into the cones, and were good at steering.
Tabby zooms away

Clark zooms off
On Clark’s final run (every kid got to go 4 times) he tried to stop by making a big turn and drove into the curb so forcefully he broke part of a wheel-good thing it was the last run!

My mom poo-poo’ed the trophies they got (“participation trophies!”), but you know what? The kids love ’em. Think of it as a party favor.
Tabby post-derby
We also went to see Tomorrowland this weekend, which we really enjoyed.

Oh! And in other amazing news…our road is completed! The surface is smooth and fast (and probably they are going to need to park a cop here for a day or two to get people to stop speeding) and we’ve all gone walking and biking on it. What a difference. I will point out, though, that they did a lousy job on the edge-it is downright wavy and looks like a drunkard did it.  They just couldn’t seem to get it straight. Also phase 1, with the concrete underlayer, seems to have been planned for a different road as the pavement does not cover it and is about a foot short. So I guess we’ll always be looking at that big strip of crumbly concrete-gravel? This means, also, that they dug a straight edge along our yard that is now not paved up to it and there is a bit of a cliff. Which is too steep for a lawn mower. So now it will look like crap unless we’re always out there weedwacking. Overall, though, it really has made a difference in biking and walking. Also, it’s quieter when cars are on it because they are not bumping and rattling!


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