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Sorbetto #2

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Sorbetto tank #2! I made this one up pretty quickly in the afternoon (with plans to wear it out that very evening!). It went together really quickly and this time I added an embellishment underneath the pleat.
Sorbetto #2

Since this basic tank is all about adding whatever you want I did want to do something, though I wasn’t so sure how I felt about what I chose? Bohemian or folks adorable? Or too cutesy and juvenile? Well, either way I did wear it and ultimately liked it. I used a beautiful voile that I bought last summer and it felt great. (Ok, this is not the best picture of me. Please ignore my uncombed wet hair and squinting)

2015-06-10 16.48.41

The yellow scalloped trim is actually rick rack inserted underneath the pleat so you just see one half of the bumps.
Sorbetto #2
Sorbetto #3 is going to be a regular cotton green and white print I bought on my birthday fabric trip and this time I might do a contrast neckline binding and some buttons.

I have no good segue for the next topic-bright colors? creative outlets? Anyway, this week I also spruced up our front porch furniture with some new paint. I love the brighter colors and I think they suit the vintage metal furniture (best ever yard sale find!)
Fresh Coat
The spring/summer of concertgoing continued last night with Paul and I going into the city to see Belle & Sebastian at Radio City Music Hall. It was a great show, fun to be out and about in the city (though I had griped about going in) and really, Radio City Music Hall is magnificent. You feel transported back to a more elegant time. The art deco details are gorgeous and it’s preserved so beautifully. And so many things happen there! I enjoyed the blase way the bartender said “Well, the Tonys were on Sunday you know,and I don’t think they adjusted the air conditioning since”-just a normal workplace comment, except that the work event was the Tony Awards! Here’s Paul and I afterwards out on the street. I don’t know why Philadelphia’s iconic LOVE statue is on 6th avenue, but um, here it is
LOVE  in NYCOnly 2 more full days of school, plus 4 half days! We’re all just going through the motions at this point.



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