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Monster Jam 2015

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Last week’s Belle & Sebastian concert was probably not a very surprising thing for Paul and I to do. Their music is right up our alley and we like concerts.  But two days later we went to a very different kind of event–a monster truck show! I admit that I laughed when Paul said he got tickets for this, and even more so when I saw the bright yellow earmuffs he bought for us to wear to protect our hearing. But guess what? It was so fun and exciting! We had a wonderful time.  We went to the show at the Meadowlands, which I haven’t been to in like 20 years. The “new” stadium is so new-fangled!
2015-06-13 19.14.41

The first part of the show was races and donuts, and the second part was the freestyle competition. I feel like some of that judging was a little shady and that the Hot Wheels trucks, which flipped over backwards, clearly should have won.
The trucks flew up ramps, bounced around on the ground, sometimes rolled over, and the 50,000 fans cheered and shouted.



2015-06-13 19.37.24
And man were we grateful for the earmuffs. Those trucks are loud!!!! I also thought the people watching would be fascinating, but you know who’s mostly at monsterjam? Families with little kids. We fit right in.
There was a lot of hype for a stunt that was going to be attempted midway through-a forward flip, the first ever for a monster truck. I literally don’t understand how you can make a vehicle do a flip front or back. I understand if you are diving you bend your body-but a solid truck? Everything they did was interesting. So this stunt had a person there from Guinness Book of World Records to verify it and the hype was quite intense.
MAX D Flip
It was amazing! hooray for Max D!

There was a lot of love for Gravedigger, whom even I had heard of. In fact, now there’s the original Gravedigger: The Legend, and also Sonuva Gravedigger, and the new Gravedigger, which I forget what it’s called.
The trucks were huge, but so often it looked like we were looking at Matchbox cards being played with in the sandbox. Especially when one of the trucks was sponsored by Hot Wheels, and also in photographs without people or other objects to provide scale.

At the end, the moment the last truck stopped, fireworks exploded all over the stadium, and a huge cloud of smoke and dust settled over the field filled with discarded vehicles. All in all, it was a great evening and lots of fun.



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