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A “Weird” Day: Part II

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Weird Al: Mandatory Fun tour

nice drum kit
Visiting the fistulated cow was the first exciting event in our day, but not the only one. That evening we all went to a Weird Al concert.  Paul has been a fan for a long time, and he brought me to my first show. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Then, two years ago we went again, that time with Clark. And this time it was Tabby’s turn for her first concert experience.  We were pretty excited and it was a fantastic show.  We went to the Bethlehem Sands, which may not be the best concert venue in the world, but wins in terms of distance, free and easy parking, access, and convenience.  We met our friends there, ate dinner, and then headed in to sit down in our third row seats.  This was the closest I have ever been at a concert before and man was it incredible to just be that close.
Prepared to have Mandatory Fun
So, Al’s entrance was fantastic and as we were not only 3rd row, but also just 2 seats in from the aisle, we got to be very close to him as he walked past.  I’m not generally a picture taker at concerts because everything is always too small and blurry, but this time since I was so close I couldn’t resist taking lots.
Weird Al
The show was hilarious, entertaining, and fun.  Al did his classics, plus his new hits.  There are costume changes for every song, which means that in between songs there are video interstitials that are compilations of Al either referred to on tv, or appearing on tv. Also funny interviews and other bits.
Young Jedi finale
The kids enjoyed it very much and our monster truck earmuffs were worn so their hearing was protected. (I can’t imagine my parents bringing me to a rock concert as a kid. It seemed a little strange, but Al is a very family friendly, multi-generationally enjoyed musician.)
Intently taking it in

It's me watching me watching me
A huge highlight for me was when Al did his cheesy love song.  He parades around in a flame covered suit singing bad pickup lines and come out into the audience draping himself over various women. Here he is on the woman in the row in front of and next to us!
Al in the audience right next to me!
And near the end he was back around the front and face me and sang to me!! It was so bizarre. Weird Al Yankovic was staring at me, a big bright light was on us, and I couldn’t think what to do except sit there and stare back with a dumb grin on my face (the line he sang was something about me having a weird face.)
Weird Al
So it was a terrific night, the kids had a good time, it was a very, very late night, and basically we were all exhausted on Wednesday. So, in a 7 day stretch we had: 2 concerts, 1 farm tour, 2 scout events, and 1 monster truck show. My cousin joked “Do you have a 3 activity a day minimum or something?” We’ve spent the past two days fully relaxing, watching tv, and playing video games. And now we are all excited for tomorrow: The Last Day of School!!

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