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The First Week of Summer Vacation (and about a million more activities)

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Well, that’s the first week done. It went about as expected-some fun, some friends, some moping, and after some blessedly restful days (see: previous busy week), a few more activities.  On the heels of the Belle and Sebastian and Weird Al concerts, Paul and I went to see Rush. [Should you be interested in his take on the concert, here it is.] Full disclosure: I used to hate Rush. They were the most identifiable-to-me band on the radio and whenever I heard them I would change the station. But, I suppose time has mellowed me. That, and being married to a huge Rush fan. Paul loves Canada and prog rock and is of a certain age, so yes of course he loves them. I enjoy their place in pop culture (see: I Love You Man, Freaks & Geeks, etc.) So, off we went to see the big 40 year retrospective anniversary tour. And I have to say–it was great.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a big arena show and I forgot what fun that can be. Plus, I was truly impressed by the absolutely huge sound created by 3 guys. Plus, it was kind of cool to see musical icons (let’s face it, hearing Tom Sawyer was great.) Plus, it was just an all around good show. Oh, and plus it was really fun to see all the Rush fan stereotypes come to life. Absolutely true. So many men there with their friends just loving it, air drumming away, and totally into the music. (Paul included.) And that’s another thing, though I could not appreciate this, apparently they played a lot of deep cut type stuff that Paul really loved and never though they’d play and he was ecstatic that he got to see/hear that. So watching him enjoy that must have been like when he went to the Neil Young concert with me.
And they used lasers and smoke sometimes, which felt wonderfully 70s. And I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend. All in all, a really fun night.

On another night we went to a local church’s Italian festival, where we played midway games and ate delicious pizza frite and other foods.  Both kids tried steamed clams for the first time. Clark LOVED it.
Clams  for the first time
Tabby initially did, until she tasted/felt sand and then had this funny reaction.
Clams  for the first time
We went to the bike shop to outfit Clark with a new bike.  These children are growing like weeds! He is now 5 ft tall and we got him an adult bike with gears.
A New Bike
With proper care this could be a bike he takes to college with him. We’ve had a few rides around on it and especially enjoyed our own road which was so much easier now that it is level.
Bike Ride
Tabby will be getting Clark’s old bike and she is still working on getting used to the hand brakes.

And then there was a super suburban evening of hosting bunco. I had a “red, white, and bunco” theme as we’re so close to the 4th of July and totally went the classic/cheesy route of red, white, and blue cupcakes and jello parfaits.
Red, White, & Blue Desserts
Instead of a traditional flag cake, though, I went with a savory flag focaccia, using blue potatoes for the field of blue.
Move over Flag Cake
Definitely recommend this for a patriotic type party.  Next time I will remember the stars and put some ricotta or fresh mozzarella on it.

And after that was a Game Night with our gaming friends.  I would play board games into the wee hours ever single weekend if I could.

And before all that was a camping trip, which really turned into just a day at a campsite due to approaching guaranteed bad weather, and Father’s Day. Both were very pleasant and rather low-key. On Father’s Day we went to see Inside Out, which we all loved (and made Paul and I cry more than once.) I made a nice dinner, including a strawberry trifle,
The Golden Bowl of Yum
and the bizarre weather yielded beautiful sunsets.
And since these pictures maybe never made it to this blog, I’ll share a couple pictures I posted on Father’s Day that I like very much of Paul and the kids when they were babies. He’s a great dad and I feel our kids are so lucky to have him.
Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day
And as for news outside: The garden is so insane and overrun by morning glories and the dreaded chrysanthemum weed that I’m considering just leaving the whole thing to be a jungle and starting anew (in a new place??) next year. That seems a bit drastic, but really the garden is just not showing me love (and, honestly, I’m not showing it any) this year.
Gordon has been a naughty bun bun and twice escaped. We were able to figure out that the second time he did it he did not dig under the fence, but found a way to squeeze through the chicken wire overlap. He had to remain confined to his hutch for a few days until we could fix that up and make it secure.  When I let him out again he was very happy and clearly missed his chicken friends. I was delighted and startled to discover him in the actual chicken house, sitting on the edge of a nesting box!! (his girlfriend is in the adjacent box-perhaps he just followed her in?)
Look who's in the chicken coop


I’m thinking it will be a slower pace next week-no concerts! But we will be thinking about Clark’s birthday, which is a mere 1 week away.



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