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A Decade of Clark!

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Happy 10th Birthday Clark! I can’t even believe my wee little boy is 10 years old now. He’s really been anticipating this particular birthday like crazy, and assaulting us with day by day countdowns to the big event. I hope it lived up to his expectations, and I think it did.
Birthday Breakfast: Chocolate Waffles
As usual the birthday began rather early in the morning and included presents, waffles, and bacon.  This year he asked me to make the waffles chocolate, which I did with half the batter by adding cocoa.  He has been crazy obsessed with the new Jurassic World Lego video game and of course wanted the actual Jurassic World Legos, which he did receive.
Hooray! I got what I wanted!
There was plenty of time for playing with it while I put ribs in the crock pot and baked the cake before we all headed out to see Jurassic World.
Jurassic World
We watched Jurassic Park on the last day of school to kick off the summer and the kids loved it. I was a bit worried about it all being too scary for Tabby but she did fine with it.  As for Jurassic World, I loved seeing it as much as I had loved seeing Jurassic Park in the theater (although–I was absolutely terrified when I saw it. Like, cowering in my seat.) It definitely was too scary for Tabby, but easily solved by covering eyes and ears. And frankly, I covered my eyes a few times too. Clark LOVED it, especially all the things he knew already from his games. I loved all the references to the first movie.

After that I went to the airport to pick up my mom and niece from their European vacation.  I brought my niece back to our house, and it was wonderful to get a visit with her.  The kids played and played, and we had the birthday dinner.


IMG_3617The cake request this year was chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, and “a surprise inside of strawberries.” I think it came out great.
chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, strawberry middle

Happy Birthday, Clark! I love you!


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  1. It seems so crazy that they are turning 10 this year:( Happy Birthday, Clark!!!!!


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