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A New Addition to the Family

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In addition to the 4th of July and Clark’s birthday, the other really big news this week is…we got a dog! As you may or may not know we’ve been looking for a dog for several months now. And as you may or may not know, despite the thousands of dogs in shelters, it’s not all that easy to just go and get one.  After a few bumps in the road, it feels like we just lucked out and everything fell into place.  Last Monday we happened to take yet another look online for a local shelter, but this time we saw two young dogs that might be great. I called and they were still available so we raced over and met “Susan.” Of course we fell in love and couldn’t believe that we were the first people to meet her. She was being spayed on Wednesday and we would be able to get her on Thursday.  I was so afraid of it falling through that I made us keep it all a secret and tried (and failed) not to get too excited.  We puppy-proofed and shopped and counted down to Thursday. And then, we got her!
Meet: Willow
She is a 4 month old black Lab mix.
Meet: Willow
A small, squirmy, playful, sleepy, bitey, naughty, adorable puppy.  She is not housebroken, so that’s #1 on the training list.  We’re also crate training and while there was crying on nights 1 and 2, night #3 went pretty well (I put a cassette player next to the crate playing a tape of me reading aloud stories, which I made several years ago for the kids.)
We had a bbq on the 4th and she met lots of people and got very tired out.
Happy Independence Day from Willow
Tuckered out.
We also were dogsitting Sophie, my mom’s dog (and another guinea pig as well!).  Sophie is 15 and we basically kept the two dogs apart as she is an elderly lady who doesn’t need puppies climbing on her.  However, when Sophie finally got out of her bed she did let the puppy satisfy her friendly curiosity, which involved so much tail wagging.
Young and Old
In other animal meetings she has been curious about the guinea pigs, barky at the cats, though kind of afraid of them(who she only saw one of them for the first time yesterday as they are so good at waiting until she’s asleep before checking her out), and very interested in Gordon, who apparently has no sense of being prey because he ran up to the fence to meet her and they touched noses. More than once.
Oh! And what’s her name? Well, it’s Willow.  We went in thinking it would be Ramona (yes, after Ramona Quimby), but Tabby suggested Willow (no one really knows why) and Clark really liked it, and Paul and I thought it was nice too and also thrilled the kids agreed on anything, so Willow Susan Debraski it is.
She’s definitely a handful, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a dog in the family again.
A new family portrait


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  1. Congratulations! There’s nothing like the soul of a dog in the house.

  2. That’s a gorgeous family picture.

  3. Your puppy looks like a mini version of my lab/staffie cross Bronco. So cute. A dog forms such a strong association with all members of the family, in different ways. Such precious memories are being made for your beautiful children. Thanks for sharing as it reminds me of my own children when we got our first dog Harley ( sadly departed 3 years ago). Cheers Linny


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