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More Birthday, More Puppy

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Willow, Posing PrettilySo it ‘s been just a little over a week that we’ve had Willow, and I have to say I just feel so lucky and happy that we have her. We all adore her, even though her puppy ways are sometimes a bit taxing.  She’s quite bite-y with her sharp little needle teeth and poor Tabby had a terrible pet day yesterday with being bitten quite hard, twice, in the same spot. As well as having Willow bite a small hole in a favorite dress (she has a terrible habit of grabbing hanging cloth-dresses, skirts, robes-to try to engage you.) Followed by the awful discovery that due to the gates being up for the dog the bigger, less nimble cat, pooped in Tabby’s bed. It was pretty dreadful and left her feeling not very fond of any of the animals.  Fortunately, she is quick to forgive. IMG_3684 And has been having a lot of fun playing with Willow. And is also great about walking her around and such. Playtime
Housebreaking is going well-it’s been two days without an accident in the house! Crate training was more of a struggle, with barking at night and sadness at being not with us. However, for the past 2 nights she went to sleep in her crate without any barking. There have been a few times where I’ve had to lie down next to the crate to soothe her and fortunately that helps.
It’s so much like having a baby in the house again, and just like a baby the cuteness makes up for being tired from having to get up early (or during the night, as was the case last night) and constantly taking things out of their mouths and replacing with appropriate things. Here she is being a Cinderella dog-she loves to curl up in this little corner, or sometimes stretch out here.
She had her first vet visit where it was confirmed that she has kennel cough, but is otherwise in good shape. We started the medicine for her, but it made her throw up spectacularly, which the vet warned might happen, so we’re supposed to call tomorrow.

In other continuing news for the week, we had Clark’s birthday party last night.  Although we knew that he and his friends would be happy to just run around like crazy, Paul and I wanted to have a few things planned for them, and I think they all had a great time. The first thing was a treasure hunt, which I insisted on calling a National Treasure Hunt because Clark and I have been watching the National Treasure movies and he really loves them.  Here’s how it worked: The first clue was the  riddle of the sphinx. When they figured out it’s man, they went to Paul who handed them the next clue and a pencil.  It was: 12 5 20 19  7 15  6 15 18  1  16 1 4 4 12 5  15 14  20 8 5  18 9 22 5 18.Which if you do a simple alphabet to number thing translates to “Let’s go for a paddle.” They raced off to our canoe where they looked inside it and found the next clue taped to the seat. It said “Don’t call me a dinosaur! I do like to soar, though, and prehistoric skies were once filled with me and my kind.  I usually grab fish in my talons, but you might find the next clue instead.” They all knew that in our woods hangs the model pterodactyl Paul made. With some stretching they were able to find attached to the talons a string of letters written down and one of the circles with the alphabet around the edge and a smaller alphabet on a circle on top. On the back it says you need to know the key for this. Whose birthday is it ? Clark (with a big  C) So you line up the alphabets so C is with A and then you write down the letters and translate it.  This didn’t work so well because my letters didn’t line up quite right and I may have kept forgetting which ring was the actual and which was the translation.  So eventually I told them it said: The rope ladder has what you need. They ran  to the rope ladder and found a little scroll through one of the holes and a scroll in another hole. One has the freemasons’ cipher and the other the symbols. They quickly deciphered the message : Want to shoot hoops? They ran to the basketball net and found a scroll wedged into the rim (which was fun to watch because they didn’t see it right away and were all looking all over.) This last clue said “Through the cold winter I will keep you warm.”  It took them a while to figure that out.  They were sure it must be in the chiminea, but it wasn’t. Eventually they ran to the chimney on the house and discovered, between the chimney and a big bush, a crate filled with water guns and treats. I have to say, I was pretty pleased with this and the boys had fun with it.
CiphersThe water guns were the kind you could attach a soda/water bottle for the water supply. The water bottles we had didn’t work well, so we pulled out the 6 pack of diet Coke and tubes of Mentos and had fun exploding all of those. IMG_3703 Then the boys filled the bottles with water and immediately formed teams and dispersed for an epic battle. IMG_3711 Then pizza, then backyard laser tag. As Paul pointed out the game before dinner and after dinner was basically the same, only difference being water vs. lights. They had a marvelous time and we vowed to do laser tag more nights this summer, because it’s really fun. And because Clark has been so into Lego Jurassic World, Paul whipped up this amazing cutout for this year. Happy 10th, Clark


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  1. Happy 10th to Clark and does Tabby remember puppy Dixie eating her shoelaces?


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