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Fly Butterfly, Fly!

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It just so happens that last night we read a part in Then There Were Five (by Elizabeth Enright) that is presently very relevant. This is the third book about the Melendy family, and these were my most favorite books as a child. I read them many times and there are many parts that have stayed with me through the years, lines remembered fondly. And this is one of them:

The monarch caterpillar, for instance, contrived a waxy chrysalis of pale green, flecked with tiny arabesques of gilt. It hung from the twig on a little black silk thread, like the jade earring of a Manchu princess. “How lovely!” cried Mona. “Oh, if there were only some way of preserving them. I’d like to have a pale-green dress all buttoned down the front with those.”

How perfect is that description? Absolutely perfect.

We missed it! Apparently this morning the butterfly emerged and flew off (is left the lid off ) keeping a close eye on chrysalis no. 2 #lifecycleofabutterfly #chrysalis #monarchbutterfly//

I knew the monarchs would emerge any time between now and Sunday, but didn’t actually think they were ready today. Imagine my surprise to find the first one emerged and departed already! I’m bummed we missed and determined to not miss the second one. (I’ve put the door back on.)


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  1. That sounds like inspiration for a new dress for Tabby to me… 🙂


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