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This summer is sorely dried out and used up. Good thing it’s time to go back to school, because it’s just unpleasant out now-dried up brown pokey grass, dead flowers, weeds that are somehow thriving and as tall as me (Paul: “I resent how well the weeds are growing.”), a garden done yielding, and some early September oppressive heat. We might still be waiting for beautiful fall weather to catch up (though some leaves are starting to change), but the biggest fall thing happened yesterday-the kids returned to school. Clark began 5th grade, and Tabby 2nd. There was a lot of back to school grumbling, mostly about the new bus schedules and routes, but both had terrific first days and liked their teachers. And everybody liked having Willow there to see them off to school!

2015-09-08 07.10.56


2015-09-08 07.52.25


Willow and I are going to school too! This morning was our second obedience training class. Let me tell you, it is an exhausting 50 minutes for both of us. It’s so exciting and overwhelming for her-all those dogs! So nearby but not allowed to play! and for me-don’t let her bark! (she barks more at class than I’ve ever heard her bark at home.) She is doing ok with some things, but I’m skeptical of the long term outcome. She really is a very good girl at home, but I would like her to be more reliable about responding to commands. (This morning she pooped right in the class. oops.)

Various sports started a week ago-soccer for both, with Paul coaching again, and Tabby is trying out field hockey.  This means that all of a sudden we’re one of those families who have their dinner hour filled with practices, something I’ve never liked. So far, though, we’re still managing to eat together and not let it be much of a problem. And as Paul pointed out, before long it will be too dark for 6pm practices and it will be moot! Scouts are also starting up (even though I’m Tabby’s leader I have no idea what we’re doing at our first meeting), and that means meetings for Paul and I, too.  I’ve taken on a couple new volunteer roles this fall, and I’m still hoping to squeeze into a needed online class. It’s going to be a busy fall for sure!

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