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Wiener Dog Races!

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And a lot more, but who could resist starting off with that enticing sound bite! October is consistently our busiest month of the year. I think it’s because there are so many beautiful fall days and nice things to do outside and frankly not enough weekends. This weekend we crammed in lots of fall fun, including an extra day because the kids had off for Columbus Day.

As you may have seen from time to time, my friends and I have a seasonal stitch-a-thon. What started out as a MidWinter Stitch-a-Thon was not enough, so now we had a Mid Autumn Stitch-a-Thon. Here are the necessary components for a stitch-a-thon: seasonal candy,  tv viewing that invites commentary, assorted decadent snacks, and some stitching projects.
Pumpkin Cremes// For this time that meant: creme pumpkins, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, carrot dip, fancy donuts and danishes, and a dishtowel I’ve been embroidering forever. It turned out that the dishtowel barely needed anything else done to it and all I have to do is the words on it. Hot From the Oven//
We shook things up this time by adding on extra fun that everyone could participate in–we headed down to Nomad for some fancy pizza and then we all went over to Howell Living Farm for the first year of the Amazing Pumpkin Carve. It was a perfect chilly fall night, smelled wonderful, and what a cool thing to do.
2015-10-10 20.02.55
There were about 50 pumpkins on display, all elaborately carved. Some were spooky, some fanciful, some were funny. It was marvelous!
2015-10-10 19.39.59
On Sunday Tabby had a respite from field hockey games, so we were able to head out to our new favorite town, Bethlehem, for Oktoberfest.
Oktoberfest// was much smaller in scale than Musicfest and the whole thing was held at Steel Stacks. Clark & the Stacks//
It was such a pretty sunny day and everyone was very merry. Before even getting down to the beer and sausages we walked up along the stacks to check out the alpine horns being played. Look how pretty they are:
Beautiful Inside of the Alpine horn// our absolute delight we were invited to all give it a try and told that there were certificates for people who could manage to blow a note for 20 or more seconds. Clark has begun trombone lessons and they told us that it is the same mouthpiece and method and the guy was so nice about helping Clark try it out. Blowing the Alpine horn//
Then Paul gave it a whirl.
Blowing the Alpine horn

// Tabby Blowing the Alpine horn//
And finally, I did and I managed a whopping 22 seconds on my first try! (I’ll have to ask Paul to send me his photo/video of me.)The alpine guy was very impressed and people clapped and it was all very fun. There were fun games set up amidst tables and lots of delicious wursts and German pastry and beer.
Oktoberfest// real highlight was the Dachsund Races! (sadly we missed the barrel race and race carrying filled steins. I totally would have done that.) There were so many people there with their little wiener dogs. They raced them two by two and the announcers were hilarious, maintaining preposterous accents and running funny commentary. 2015-10-11 15.23.50 Some of the dogs raced quickly to their owners (it was a run from one owner to the other type of race), but most amused the audience by wandering away, visiting the other dogs, sitting down, etc. Many of the dogs were named Oscar. It was all in super good fun and we had a really nice afternoon.

Monday was Columbus Day and while Columbus may have been an ass, it was nice for the kids to have the day off and take them for a hike at Hacklebarney State Park. Clark brought a friend and all had a good time clambering over giant boulders and exploring. The forest was so pretty and it was a gorgeous spot to spend much of the day. (Despite some tears, hitting, and bickering among the younger set.) Here’s my new favorite picture of me, surprisingly taken by Tabby! 2015-10-12_08-20-07//

Exploring the rivers// a cave and trusting these rocks will continue to not move for another few hundred years//

A couple of other updates–I finished my Halloween quilt top! I may get this thing finished before Halloween after all! I’m undecided about the quilting style and also if I want to insert a small patchwork orange stripe in the midst of the wide black border. I’m pretty pleased with how this is coming along!
2015-10-13 14.18.42

I’m super aware that I haven’t bothered to do a garden wrap up, nor clean out the garden. It all just sort of fizzled this year. However, I’m delighted that my new rose bush is blooming again, and even more so that my heavenly blue morning glories are in full bloom every day now and are stunning. I can’t stop taking pictures of them!
2015-10-13 14.52.46

Today was Willow’s last dog class and I’m so proud to report that she successfully graduated! I was worried she wouldn’t but she has really come a long way since the first class. So much so that the instructor praised her for it. We are going to move on to Level 2 next week and later this winter we’re going to enroll in the agility class. She really is a wonderful dog and we love her so much!
2015-10-14 09.57.44


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  1. I love your Halloween quilt! Lovely!


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