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Happy Birthday, Tabitha!

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Happy birthday, Tabby// was Tabby’s 8th birthday! Midway through the day she told me it was “even better than I expected it to be!” I mean, that’s great. In the morning I made M&M pancakes for breakfast (her request) and there were a few presents. It was a school day so we didn’t have a very long birthday breakfast, but enough to get the day off to a festive start.  She was very surprised and delighted by an outfit from the American Girl store for her AG doll, Molly. The gift was made even more fun by the story of how I bought it and hid it while we were in Toronto and how did I pull that over on her? See the happy birthday girl, she's 8 years old//
Tabby headed off to school ready to receive birthday greetings while I took Willow off to her first Level 2 class (she did great.) Near the end of the school day I showed up at Tabby’s class to read to them, and this was a surprise to her (she couldn’t believe it when I told her I’d scheduled it 3 weeks ago and kept it a secret.) She was so tickled to have me show up. As usual, I loved reading aloud. I read one book that I read to her class last year on her birthday (but only 1 student was from that class, so new to everyone else) that is extra special. It’s called Pet of a Pet, and astonishingly begins “Tabitha lived on a farm with lots of animals.” !!! On the second page it says, “Tabby, as she liked to be called.” You can see why we needed to own that book. After reading she got to come home with because it was so close to the end of the day, which was another birthday treat.

She had field hockey practice and we shared little cupcakes with the team at the end. Then it was off to home where Grandma and the birthday dinner awaited. Her requested menu: macaroni & cheese with hot dogs nestled in it, Caesar salad, and an Oreo cake.  She enjoyed the surprise of the hot dogs being in the shape of an 8.

The cake was spectacular, if I say so myself. I made it for Clark’s birthday last year. Simple to make and delicious to eat.
Cookies & Cream Cake//  I made two chocolate cake layers (using my new standard recipe-the Hershey’s cocoa recipe) and for the filling I whipped cream and folded crushed Oreos into it. The cake is frosted with whipped cream.  I am not a huge Oreo fan, but I could eat a bowl of that filling with a spoon. Ultimately the cake tastes very much like the classic Famous Wafers icebox cake. Crushed Oreos folded into whipped cream. Just give me a spoon to gobble it with!//
Her big surprise gift was a tablet of her very own. She was not expecting this and was thrilled. Turned out to be a gift for us, too, because she and Clark bonded over it, he’s been helping her with it, and they are finding games to play together. All in all, it was a wonderful day for her.
Make a wish//  Happy Birthday, Tabby! We love you! We love you, Tabby!//


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