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Happy Halloween

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After what seemed like forever, October is finally done, and birthday celebrations, pumpkin picking, Halloween parades, and trick or treating with it. Mind you, I love all those things but this year they all transpired to just make me feel frazzled. Add to that a week where everything went wrong, including breaking my cell phone and going without for a week, and was capped off by Clark fracturing his ankle, and well…let’s just say I’m happy to ring in November. In fact, I’ve already put away my decor (both the stuff I actually had out and the stuff that was still sitting in a bin in my kitchen), and pulled out my pilgrims. Of course, there were plenty of joyful moments in there. We had our annual visit to a local farm where we take a How Tall this Fall photo. I’m getting more and more nostalgic each year. I look at Clark standing there at 5 feet tall and remember sitting him on the ground in front of that same sign. I look at the big hay bale setup they have with giant pumpkins and remember taking pictures of me at 9 months pregnant (with Tabby) at the same spot.
20151102_142216IMG_4760//… Here we are this year: 2015 how Tall this fall?// 2015 how Tall this fall?// were costume ups and down this year: Paul and I were invited to a Halloween party and went dressed as Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and no one knew who we were. So apparently Bob’s Burgers is the best show you are not watching. Tabby got lots of usage out of her costume, which was Pikachu. She went through several ideas before she got here and it all came out great. The centerpiece was a Pikachu hat that came in a loot crate. She wore that with lots of yellow, including big furry legwarmers that she saw at Party City and was dying to have. She wore it to a Girl Scout Father-Daughter Pumpkin carving party, school, and on Halloween. Paul threw together a quick and easy inspired Swedish Chef (from the Muppets, of course) for the G.S. event and trick or treating. IMG_4953 As for Clark, he has known for a long time he’d go as Link from the Legend of Zelda. I ordered one online and it seemed like it wasn’t going to arrive on time, but it got here the night before and then…it didn’t fit. I saved the day with a dash to Hot Topic at the mall for a shirt. with that and the hat and an amazing sword and shield that Paul made for him he looked great. The real downside to it all, was that he is on crutches and in a boot.  Last week he fell while running and possibly fractured his ankle. We had our first ER trip (not too bad for 10 years) and a follow up at an orthopedist. X-rays show no fracture, but other stuff indicated it was likely, so they are operate on a better safe than sorry practice when it comes to growing bones. He can”t put any weight on it for 2 weeks, then we have a follow up. Here he is bravely swinging along at the school parade. IMG_4962 And then, trick or treating! Oh, and in the morning was soccer, where Paul wore a silly hat and blue furry legs and Tabby wore just her Pikachu hat, and Willow (briefly) wore this: 2015-10-31 11.13.47 I also made her wear this for a photo op. Elegant Willow// In the early evening we headed out, along with Clark’s friend. Paul reprised the Swedish Chef while I did a full face paint. My blue skies, yellow sun, and garden looked amazing in the light of my bathroom. I should have thought ahead and realized that as soon as it was dark no one would see anything. We all had a good time, although it was rough going for Clark, who tired out more quickly than he thought he would. Trick or Treat//
All in all, a happy Halloween!



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