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Happy Thanksgiving (2015)

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A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope your day was filled with friends and/or family and pie. As for us, we had that, as well as some nice time outdoors. Since we didn’t need to be at my cousin’s until late afternoon, and our desserts were made very early, we headed out for a hike in the Sourlands. Although we’ve been there many times, this was our first time taking Willow there. She was crazy and basically pulled me all the way up the mountain and then all the way back down. It was exhausting. There were actually quite a few people and their dogs on the mountain, so there was a lot of meeting and greeting to contend with as well.  Although I was always worried about the rocky terrain, it turns out that Willow is quite the mountain dog and happily clambered up rocks.
Thanksgiving Hike

2015-11-26 11.06.12

After that vigorous hike we felt ready to go have a gigantic meal with our family.  My contribution was dessert. I made a pecan pie because I know Paul loves it and I have a good reliable delicious recipe. This time I even arranged my pecan halves beautifully on top.
Thanksgiving Desserts// other contribution was a Pumpkin Caramel Tart with a Hazelnut Crust. Thanksgiving Desserts// This was a great variation on standard pumpkin pie. And I’m crazy for hazelnuts, so I loved it that they were ground up into the crust, and then candied and arranged on top.

Thanksgiving DessertsWe then enjoyed very much having an extra long weekend. No shopping for us on Friday, but time at the dog park and also a lot of cleaning and organizing (Saturday, too.) Thank goodness for Christmas. At least we have the impetus once a year to get our house in order. Although we haven’t done indoor decorating yet, we all welcomed the arrival of Hermie, our Elf on the Shelf on Friday.  We took down the Thanksgiving decorations and took advantage of warm and mild weather on Friday to put up the outdoor things. 2015-11-27 15.20.44

Although I’m not feeling merry yet I did make a cookie that I feel like I want to just make hundreds of–my usual “perfect chocolate cookie” recipe with Andes peppermint crunch bits in it. Oh my, chocolate minty delicious. I also decided to make a scrappy Christmas quilt. I’m almost done with the Halloween one, and while I started a beautiful intricate block Christmas quilt this summer, I just need to have something Christmassy to curl up under this year. I also have had scraps of the same Christmas fabrics for literally years and it would be a good way to use them up. So, hopefully the next post will be all Christmas decorations and quilts in progress.

Oh, and because I feel I should, and it’s helpful to remember when one is feeling grouchy and overwhelmed, here are some things for which I am thankful this year:
My family
An abundance of books I want to read and access to all of them

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the Christmas season!



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