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I’ve been posting so infrequently that it is going to look like all we do is celebrate and go on outings. Last post was American Girl outing and aquarium, and well this one is more special events. Fair enough, they were all clustered together. First up was a play, which turned out to be so weird and awful that we left at the intermission. Here’s Paul’s write up. But then a couple days later Paul and I were off to (yet another) concert of 2015. This time we were seeing Guster, a band we’ve not only seen 3 times before, but already once this year.
Guster @ the Wellmont Theater// As with before it was at a theater that was not too big and we were right on the floor right in front of them.  It was a great show (except the crazy space hogging dancer next to me) and a lot of fun. Guster @ the Wellmont Theater//

The very next day we went to another show, this one very local and lower key. It was one I knew little about, but Paul was excited. In a nutshell-some famous Canadians singing Sgt. pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with a small orchestra backing. Here’s Paul’s full write up. It was great! Paul was drawn to the singers, while I am drawn to The Beatles, and we both enjoyed it very much. Plus we got to meet them afterward. It was a fun Sunday afternoon.

Here it is after Thanksgiving and I haven’t done my annual “Garden Evaluation and Recommendations.” I doubt I will this year. The garden was very lackluster and my recommendation is to buckle down and get to work next year. I guess the big thing is to put in some foundation plantings in front of the house where there once was that tree. I had intended to divide my peonies and hosta, but will now wait until the spring to do so. I did finally clear out the garden and was pleased do discover three thriving plants-catnip, parsley, and thyme. I cut armfuls and have hung them to dry.
FInal Harvest// the meantime we’ve got some grass seed and hay down, though it seems to have done nothing. Hopefully in the spring it will look better. Speaking of spring, I didn’t plant any bulbs this year-Paul and Tabby happily tackled that task. 2015-11-21 16.31.01 So it will be a nice surprise for me to see what comes up where. I’m told that many of the bulbs were used to make a giant smile face, while others were used to write the kids’ names. Can’t wait to see that! We don’t have much in the way of houseplants inside, but I’m thrilled with my beautiful blooming Christmas cactus. Christmas cactus//
My terrarium, which has been amazing for a year, has recently fizzled, though the millipede in there is happily alive and well, surprising us from time to time with an appearance.


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