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Ho Ho Ho, Historically Speaking

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year….  No snow, and unseasonably mild, but we’re fully decorated, the Christmas music is playing, and the weekends are already filled with Christmas activities.  This weekend we visited not one, but two historical houses hosting Christmas events. Both were pretty local, and both were completely new to us. The first was the Jacobus Vanderveer House, a home from the 1700s that hosted General Knox during the American Revolution. The home was beautifully decorated and interesting, plus Santa was there so we all took a picture with him. (Tabby’s whispering a request.)2015-12-05 14.21.13 2015-12-05 14.21.28 2015-12-05 14.53.21 Outside the house was a recreated encampment that soldiers would have used, except instead of soldiers there were skeletons cavorting in the encampment. 13 Skeletons at a Colonial EncampmentTo our surprise there was a park around the area and we walked into the woods to find a geocache. It’s been months since we’ve done that, so that was nice.Through a Filter
The following day Paul and Clark returned to Vanderveer to watch an artillery demonstration. When they came back we went to the Bouman-Stickney House for a Sinterklaas open house. 2015-12-06 14.15.18The house has a little Dutch history and was notable for being a country retreat for a famous Broadway star back in the 30s. It was notable for us because the ladies hosting the event had baked traditional Dutch cookies and oh my God, were they delicious.  The kids made some holiday crafts 2015-12-06 14.26.56and then we headed home to stage a photo shoot for a Christmas card. Then it was off to the holiday parade!  This will be Paul and Clark’s last year riding on the Cub Scout float in this parade.
2015-12-06 17.41.45Tabby and I had a great time watching the parade-it’s super festive and fun with marching bands, floats, and plenty of Christmas songs.

And just in case that doesn’t seem like enough Christmas activity, we also attended a Christmas party, decorated our tree, and had a special Christmas season Game Night with Liz & Eleanor. This involved eating lots of Christmas cookies and opening presents which were, of course, games, and then playing them.Word dominoes

2015-12-06 09.22.27 I must also point out that Liz stitched these incredible ornaments for our tree. A chicken, because of course, A special new ornamentand a black bear to commemorate the bear event of a few years ago. They are beautiful and destined to be heirlooms.
And speaking of decorating the tree, our tree is gorgeous this year!The Tree It really is so full of ornaments this year that I may need to look for an after Christmas sale and buy some interesting small artificial tree (white?) to put in another room with a subset of ornaments on it. As usual, Sweetie was thrilled to have a real tree in the house. So far she hasn’t climbed it, but I know she’d like to . Sweetie plans her run up the trunkNext weekend will be just as filled with Christmas fun, and while I’ve already baked one batch of cookies, plus the favorite (for me) ginger squares, there needs to be plenty more baking.  Because it’s Christmas time and all I want are cookies!


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