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The Annual Cookie Party-10 years!

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This weekend was one of our favorite holiday traditions-our Christmas cookie party. I can’t believe this was our 10th year having it! Ten years ago we just had some friends over, each of us sharing Christmas cookies. Now, it’s a festive party with both a charitable and a competitive element. I found myself reading all the past posts for past cookies and making a chart comparing winners and cookies. Peppermint and chocolate have always dominated, and Mary Lynn and Melissa have been big repeat winners. (Surprisingly, spoiler alert, neither of them won anything this year!) for a special party favor I made a booklet of recipes featuring several past winners.
10th Anniversary Cookie Party// planned to make adorable little meringue Santa hats I saw in the current issue of Woman’s Day. In the magazine they were adorable little red hats with white trim. Unfortunately when I made them they looked like pink slugs. or toes. or Peeps. 2015-12-18 18.02.19I turned to a recipe I’ve had in my holiday recipe file for a few years but never made. Well, turns out white chocolate cherry shortbreads are delicious. My entry: white chocolate cherry shortbreads// will definitely be making them again next year. Next time, though, I won’t bother dipping the cookie into the chocolate-I don’t think it needs it and its a bit overkill. Paul was inspired by a recent episode of the Holiday Baking Show (Bake Off?) and Mary Berry’s brandy snaps. Despite trepidation (mostly because of the show) they came out beautifully. Inspired by Mary Berry, Paul made brandy snaps. They were great!// by Mary Berry, Paul made brandy snaps. They were great!// crisp lacy tubes, and he filled them with an eggnog whipped cream. Would you believe that someone else also made brandy snaps?? What are the chances? Both versions were wonderful. Part of the spread (this year there were 10 entries)// other entries were: Melting snowman sugar cookie: This was so cute! A marshmallow and some detailed decorating and it looked like a marshmallow in a puddle of melted snow Ricotta cookie: a little dome shaped cookie with a white glaze on top and red and green sugar. I loved the texture of this cookie-very light. Apricot Walnut Bars: As soon as I heard what Carrie brought I knew that I would love this the best and it would not win. The fruit and nut cookies never do, but they are my very favorite type of cookie. I much prefer them to chocolatey cookies. Pecan Caramel bars: Loaded with pecans and caramel, this was a super rich bar with lots of butterscotch flavor. Pizzelles:Such a pretty cookie. The traditional circular cookie made in a pizelle iron, this had a wonderful anise flavor that I liked. Coconut Macaroons: I love macaroons and I assume that these were very good, but I can’t tell you that from personal tasting because they were all gone before I even got to try one! Dark Chocolate oatmeal Lace: These were superb. They looked liked those cookies you get at Italian bakeries, but I think these were even better. Two lace cookies with a thin layer of chocolate in between and a dusting of powdered sugar. Very pretty and Christmas fancy. Literally every single cookie was delicious. The Most Christmassy award when to the melting snowman, the best looking to the pizzelles, and the overall winner was Elaine’s brandysnaps. To counteract all the sweets we had a some savories, including the now traditional cheese ball. This year’s cheese ball seemed especially tasty. The Blessed Cheese Ball// was sure that Willow would prove to be a nuisance during the party, and also that she would eat up cookies. I’m pleased to report that she was such a good girl, very well behaved, and did not eat any cookies. In fact, she got so worn out she ended up just curling up and going to sleep in the middle of it all
Tuckered out//
This Christmas season I’ve had trouble finding and holding on to the Christmas spirit (I fully blame the terribly unseasonably warm weather), but now that we’ve had our Christmas party, it is definitely here for good. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas Sarah and Family !! I so very much enjoy your “blog/emails”. It’s refreshing to know some families still enjoy some of the simple things in life, and have well-rounded learning experiences while having fun.


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