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Merry Christmas!

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The big day. Here and gone, because despite its magic Christmas has the same number of hours in its day as does every other day of the year. If only it could last longer! Though this year Christmas comes with the added benefit of being followed by a Saturday and Sunday, so it does feel a bit like it’s lasting longer as we’re all at home together still.
We had a very merry Christmas Eve and Christmas, made extra special this year by having my brother and his family visiting. On Christmas Eve they all came to our house and first we went to church (would you believe I’ve never been to church on Christmas Eve before?) where Tabby was singing and playing chimes with her group there. She did a great job!2015-12-24 16.35.01
From there it was home to a big dinner. I made ham, macaroni and cheese, peas, spinach salad with oranges and poppy seed dressing, and for dessert cranberry trifle. I love this trifle-the cranberry compote is such a beautiful color and rather than a custard layer, the other component is cream cheese and heavy cream whipped together until fluffy.Christmas Eve Menu// also, at last, cut into the fruitcake. We were very curious to see how it would turn out. Would it be so alcohol laden we could set it on fire? Would it be tasty? Soggy? Dry? It’s super full of raisins, which I like, and overall it was pretty good. Christmas Eve Menu// couldn’t taste alcohol at all. My criticism is that I think it was overcooked and a little burnt around the edges.  Although the recipe didn’t call for it, I think it would have been better cooked in a water bath.  Still, it was nothing a little butter couldn’t cure and  a slice with a cup of tea has proven to be a nice thing. And I got this nice cake tin for Christmas so there is a lovely place to keep it for a while.



After everyone went home and the kids off to sleep (unlike me as a child, my kids seem to have no problem falling asleep on Christmas Eve) it was time for Paul and I to put on our traditional Christmas viewing of Undercover Brother while we set out our gifts. And then, off to sleep until the appointed time (6:30am.)
I went downstairs first because I had to let the dog out, and I turned on the tree lights and took a picture and enjoyed for a moment seeing everything all at the ready and twinkling. Merry Christmas// then we all turned on the lights, ran in, and opened our stockings. And then our gifts. And then a break for our traditional breakfast of sticky buns, bacon, and eggs. [A sticky bun side note. My mother made these every year for Christmas, and thus I make them. I use the recipe she used and make them as she taught me. That said, I’ve always thought mine come out a little bit better. And this year I found out that she has been making her differently than the recipe! Or, rather, that she interprets it differently and thus uses 3 cups more flour than I do. That’s a pretty big difference. Anyway, my buns were GREAT 2015-12-25 08.45.08and this year I made the filling on one of them different-apricot jam and pecans, instead of just walnuts and brown sugar.] And then back to our gifts. Everyone was very happy with his or her gifts. (Below: an assortment of things. Paul is posing with a toilet item. Because it made me laugh and laugh in the store that it was displayed as a great stocking stuffer. Because who wants something for the toilet in his or her stocking? But then I got it for Paul because although we’d laughed about it, he is constantly battling hard water build up in our toilet, and these pumice wands take care of it. Rest assured he got other nicer gifts.) mosaicaf9bd7ba751bbfbb08b2b51367fc8fac8d56d71c Clark is enamored of his black balaclava, which makes him look sinister.  IMG_5324Tabby got the powwow dress for Molly and matching pajamas. 2015-12-25 21.39.57And for the just got her ears pierced girl, lots of earrings. In the afternoon we headed over to my mom’s to spend the rest of the day with them. This was a huge change for us. In fact, we have not left the house on Christmas Day in 12 years. I was startled to see how much traffic there was. But it was lovely to get to spend more time with Ben and Crissy and Esther and Wylie and there was so more present exchanging, a big dinner, and game playing. I made us do some family pictures, which Clark hated. Obligatory Family Portrait//
Cousins// in all it was a lovely Christmas. And now we are looking forward to settling in and playing with all our new things, and with having a lengthy Game Night, Boxing Day edition. (That said, as I write this the kids are watching Teen Titans Go on tv, which they do every morning. Lame.) Merry Christmas! Glitter Christmas//


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