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A FESTive Year

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If 2015 was the year Paul and I went to a lot of concerts together, it was also the year we “discovered” Bethlehem PA and went to several of their “fest”s. It all started when Paul planned a surprise fun outing there for my birthday back in April. We went to Billy’s Diner where we laughed at the slim claim to fame of being owned by the cousin of Criss Angel, but then ate our words when we discovered how insanely delicious the food was. We were charmed by a little museum with a steampunk exhibit, and the town in general. 2015-04-18 12.30.54Shortly thereafter we returned for Mother’s Day and brunch at the British pub and a stroll around the art street fair.  2015-05-10 15.07.45Summer is the huge Musikfest, and Paul also went to see two concerts on his own at the amazing Steel Stacks.2015-08-15 17.53.03 In the autumn it was Oktoberfest where we enjoyed wiener dog races and German food.Blowing the Alpine horn
And just a couple weeks ago we had breakfast with Santa, shopped the Christkindlmarkt, and enjoyed how merry “Christmas City” was. And got a very festive and wonderful Christmas photo.Merry Christmas from Steel Stacks!And to wrap up the year, today we went to Peepfest.  Peeps, the marshmallow chicks, are made there. For New Year’s Eve they drop a 4ft high peep, which we watched being raised today. Apparently I am the only person who actually thought it was going to be a real gigantic peep. Nope, it was plastic.2015-12-30 11.07.48 The fest was entirely inside the ArtsQuest building and there were kids activities and a we enjoyed checking out the peeps diorama contest. 2015-12-30 13.45.41 This fest was probably better for families with very little kids. It didn’t have a lot to offer Clark, but we still enjoyed being there, eating peeps, and we also returned to Billy’s for a delicious brunch. Little Peeps s’mores were also available for the making and everyone looked like hoboes. 2015-12-30 14.23.22 Bethlehem is a lovely quaint town and at one hour away it’s not too far to go for some reasonably priced (or free!) entertainment.



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  1. I love Bethlehem !!! I must get their again soon! Thanks for reminding me what a great town it is!!!
    Happy New Year!


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