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Happy Anniversary!

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One Dozen//
…to me and Paul! Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for 12 years is linen. I made a pillow for him using linen.Happy Anniversary//’s meant to be like we carved our names and a heart into a tree-see the cool tree outer fabric? It’s the first thing I’ve sewed in 2016 and I was happy to have the sewing area back in order and tidy (post Christmas) and ready for projects.

We spent the day indulging in plain old relaxing.IMG_5478 We finished a big jigsaw puzzle, I baked oatmeal cookies, and I got the leftover Christmas ham out of the freezer and made a pot of split pea soup. And then…it started to snow!a little birdie//’ve been desperate for some actual winter weather for the past two months, and pretty disappointed by how mild it’s been. We all ran outside and were especially eager to see what Willow would think of it. She seemed pretty excited.
Snow Frolickers//
And so was Gordon. He was hopping around and playing with us and being adorable.A happy snow bunny// chickens were less thrilled. (by the way, one of the hens died the other day of natural causes. The elderly rooster-6 years old!-I really don’t expect to make it to the summer.)

If there’s one thing we do well, it’s being cozy. And with the snowfall we decided to cancel plans to go out to dinner (we didn’t even know where we wanted to go), build a fire (which we haven’t done this winter because of the lame weather), and watch a movie. What movie? The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. A Disney movie older than me, which was very enjoyable.

All in all, it was a great way to spend our anniversary. Here’s to dozens more!

2016-01-17 11.53.55
One Dozen//


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