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After a couple of months of moaning about the lack of wintery weathery-no snow, too warm-I was rewarded with a full on blizzard this weekend. It’s like all the snow was saved up for one day-on Saturday we got almost 3 feet of snow! And what a day it was-snow swirling in all directions, dark skies, howling winds. I felt very pioneer like when I ventured out to check on and secure the chickens and rabbit. I can see why in Pa Ingalls’s time they would tie a rope from the barn to the cabin. When we awoke there was already an accumulation of about 6 inches. We suited up and went out into it, not just to take care of the chickens, but also because we couldn’t wait to see what Willow would think of it. There were flurries earlier in the week, but not an accumulation, so this was her first time in real snow. She went crazy!
Willow's 1st time in the snow//

2016-01-23 09.10.36
The chickens and Gordon weathered the storm very well. They all remained securely locked up with fresh water and food inside. Gordon has a partitioned section of his hutch that is filled with hay and in that he has made a burrow. Additionally we put a moving blanket over it to give a little extra insulation and keep the winds mostly out. The wind was so intense and the snow so powdery and blown about that there was snow inside the chickens’ house.
As for us we hunkered down and a had a wonderful day indoors. I had hosted my Bunco group the night before so we were fully stocked with extra special provisions like various cakes and cheeses. We did a jigsaw puzzle (extra challenge-did not look at box while doing it), took out lots of the little games from the special game drawer and played many of them, made chili, watched the movie Holes, and all in all enjoyed being snug and cozy.
Blizzard games//
2016-01-24 13.57.20

The next day the storm was over and we ventured out to see the finished product.

Blizzard: The Next Day//! That is a lot of snow. Fortunately it was a bright and sunny beautiful day, and fortunately the snow was relatively light. Paul and I basically spent the whole day shoveling. Walkways from house to garage and chicken coop, walkways to mailbox and driveway, dug out the fire hydrant, and finally the driveway. Good grief that was a lot. And by the end of the day when we stopped we realized that we were crazy tired and sore and had to cope by taking medicine and going out for cheeseburgers (because the roads were surprisingly great.)

The chickens were not crazy about coming out in the snow, but Gordon sure was. He loves pushing the snow around, hopping around on the paths, and all in all had a great time yesterday.You know who loves a snowstorm?// continued to have fun, but I think it’s so deep that eventually she found herself a little uncertain of what to do and just barked at the shovel. Blizzard: The Next Day// made a huge mountain of snow for the kids to slide down and it’s dangerous and fun.
And now here we are on Monday and we’re all still at home-Paul stricken with some kind of terrible virus, and a snow day for the kids. Although the roads are shockingly clear (that bright sun melted it down to the pavement), not every road is clear, nor are the sidewalks near the schools. The great walls of snow make turns pretty tight and I imagine it would be hard for the buses today.

I’m delighted that I got my wish for snow!


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