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As we wind down Clark’s last year in Cub Scouts we are beginning to have “lasts”. Tonight was the last Pinewood Derby. Clark and Paul made a car that looked exactly like a Wii remote. In our pack the scouts get to vote on design categories and a new one this year was “video game theme”, which is what Clark was hoping to win. And he did!2016-01-31 18.45.22 He was so pleased, especially that this is the third time he’s won. Previously he won Most Original for his fantastical dragon design, then Best Animal for his alligator, and now this one. 2016-01-31 20.55.15Recently he and his den made display things for their derby cars and it looks great to see all five in a row.
2016-01-31 20.54.58

Also this weekend Paul and I went to (another) concert. This time it was the Indigo Girls!

2016-01-30 22.57.42

They sounded wonderful–just as good as they did 30 years ago. I had seen them in concert once before at, of all places, an ALA conference. They did a benefit concert and it was lovely, though an unusual venue. This was a more standard concert and I’m so glad we could go.

This weekend I did a little prep work on the Christmas scrap quilt I’m making. I cut out the rest of the pieces (including the lovely new fabric I bought on Friday) and began to lay out.A new quilt to work on// I was kind of unhappy with it. I knew that it would be a crazy hodgepodge but it turned out I just had two different sets of fabric and there was no way I was going to be happy with blue reds mingling with orange reds. Willow took over the role of meddlesome cat by lying down right on top of it. Why do the animals love fabric on the ground so much?2016-01-30 14.21.39 I decided to take out the blue reds and was much happier with the results. I also am strongly considering putting a thin strip of solid fabric between the rows, and I just so happen to have a favorite green that would look great. That will also add a little more to the overall size.  Today I did the final design layout and Tabby helped me with some placement. She was a good advisor! After I numbered and carefully picked up all the pieces Sweetie came into the room. There is nothing more she loves than to dive into the middle of a carefully laid out quilt, so she was quite disappointed to be too late. A new quilt to work on// made the best of it by just sitting next to my stack, rolling her head against it, and purring.A new quilt to work on//
I’m not sure how much sewing and creating I’ll be doing in the next few months, given some forthcoming news and the fact that I’ve recently begun a graduate level online course. I’m quite certain I should have been doing my readings today, but I did want to at least set up this project so it’s ready to go when I can turn to it. I also have decided on embroidery projects for the year and gotten those ready. I anticipate I won’t be keeping up on the blog so much anymore, too, but I’ll definitely try to post about finished projects and big events.
Cheers, friends!Hanging out with Gordon//

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  1. I’m excited to see your christmas quilt as it comes together! I recognize several of your fabrics that are in my stash, too! (I especially love that retro Santa one where he has such pointy boots.) There must be something about fabric on the floor that attracts pets – our dogs are such a nuisance that I can’t do anything on the floor if they’re not crated!


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