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Happy Birthday, Clark!

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11! I’d say he enjoyed his 11th birthday very much. Many much desired presents and many much-planned delicious meals. Planning a birthday menu is always a reason to go back and look through the menu journal, which is fun. Homemade waffles have become Clark’s go-to. They were delicious, and as usual enjoyed with some morning gifts.
Present Peeker
It was a workday so it was just Clark, Tabby, and me for the daytime. He spent the morning playing new video games, and then it was time for lunch. Clark and Paul really like sushi and have often explored restaurants together. Tabby and I do not care for it, but they assured us that the restaurant Clark wanted to go to has a great lunch special, all you want, plenty of non-sushi. So off we went and it was lots of fun and the food was great (and I did enjoy a dragon roll.)
Happy Birthday, Clark!
We were even entertained by the super loud talker (on a phone of course) behind us, using vulgar language and talking about his time in jail. Who does that?!  After lunch we met a friend at a nearby arcade and enjoyed an hour of playing all kinds of old arcade games.
2016-07-05 13.33.37

A relaxing afternoon and dip in the pool, and then Grandma and Paul were here for the birthday dinner. His menu this year was hamburgers. We busted out the (sitting unused in the basement for years) Fry Daddy and make homemade french fries to go with it. Holy cow were they amazing.  But what about the cake? The most important part? This year’s cake was chocolate layers (my go-to Hershey recipe) and vanilla buttercream, frosted to look like a Pokeball. I couldn’t find my parchment circles and had a bit of  a disaster getting the cakes out. Fortunately frosting glued it all together.
Happy Birthday, Clark!
All in all, it was a good day. Happy birthday, Clark!
Happy Birthday, Clark!


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