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Merry Christmas!

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img_7503Ahhh…the sad day after. The Big Day come and gone once again. Every year I wish the actual day could last just a little bit long, but it never does. Fortunately every minute of it was enjoyed. As well, we’ve been enjoying the few days leading up and have things planned after. It all started on Christmas Eve Eve Eve (aka Thursday) when we watched A Christmas Story with the kids for the first time. Can you even believe they hadn’t seen it??! I’m happy to report they liked it very very much, and it had been a few years since I’d watched it straight through and forgot how much I like it too. We all had off on Friday (aka Christmas Eve Eve) and that was a happy day of baking and prep and treating myself to reading a really great YA book (Scythe.) My last cookie batch was these white chocolate cherry shortbreads, which are heavenly and if we can bare to eat cookies again on Valentine’s Day I’ll make then as well.2016-12-23-09-55-58 It seems to now be traditional on Christmas Eve Eve for us all to watch Elf together. It was a wonderful evening. Christmas Eve in my mind is a long day that you want to pass quickly and so you fill it with lots of board games and movies. Alas, we almost ran out of time for all we needed/wanted to do and were even late to my mom’s. (For the first time ever I decided to not make my sticky buns until Christmas Eve, rather than make in advance and freeze. Will not do that that again!) We had a wonderful evening at my mom’s house with my aunt and uncle and cousins. Then to sleep and finally… Christmas morning!,
Oh it was wonderful! This year the season brought unforeseen stress for me-I was used to doing shopping during the day, treating myself to wrapping while watching a movie during the day, planning and making homemade gifts, and so on. With work that just didn’t happen. I stressed about whether or not I had anything for Paul, fell asleep on the couch instead of wrapping, and so on. I kept reminding myself that Christmas would come no matter what and it would be great and you know what? It was. Everyone loved the gifts they received and gave. I was practically giddy about some of the gifts I found for Paul this year and at least three of them came about from things I follow on Instagram (They Draw and Travel, got the book, Humans of New York new book, Fantasy Floorplans-check this site out-architectural blueprints of fictional tv homes) For me I had forgotten all about every direct hint I’d dropped and was genuinely surprised by the lovely pins from BoyGirlParty (also an IG purchase.) Clark was psyched by his Amiibo collectionimg_7524 and Zelda boxed set, and Tabby by the Fairy Doors she got and sloth “adopted” in her name at the WWF. Paul super surprised me by getting me a copy of an old out of print book I loved as a child and had mentioned a couple months ago.2016-12-25-10-17-52

Reading my book in the new mermaid tale blanket:img_7527

img_7516A genuine smile as he receives, for the first time, gloves with, what? why won’t they go on? What’s this inside? Money?!! (my grandparents, if giving money, would always cleverly hide it in something. This is the first time my mom did this for Clark, and his reaction was marvelous.)img_7540
Even Willow got some very big bones from Santa, despite being “75% good–and that’s a stretch”, to quote Clark. (One of our favorite Christmas movies is Arthur Christmas. In it the elves scan the sleeping children and a naughty/nice percentage comes up, which then automatically fills the stocking based on that. I asked what willow would be if she were scanned. I’ll go as high as 80%.) It was a leisurely present opening, followed by our traditional breakfast and my mom joining us and even more present opening. img_7521Then lots of playing with new gifts, cheese and cracker eating, napping, and eventually dinner. Our Christmas Day dinner was….leftovers! But delicious leftovers and we ate off the good china. Dessert was so pretty looking I couldn’t stop with the pictures. I turned the Holiday Gift Cake into a bundt cake and it was so pretty and also absolutely delicious. 2016-12-25-19-10-08


We opened up the Irish Christmas cake and unlike last year’s cake this was not dry at all. However, it was quite boozy and we did not love it. Basically a wet rummy bite of fruit.
All in all, a splendid Christmas!!
Merry Christmas to all!


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