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Skibunnies and Vermont, but not together

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A couple weeks ago we took a long (years long!) overdue visit to my brother’s family in Vermont. They had no snow, so there was no snow frolicking to be had, but plenty of nice hanging out. We visited my brother and sister-in-law’s workplaces, which were fascinating. He is at the most stereotypical dot-commy start-up  sort of place ever and she is at a maker space. Which for us meant we all played on the virtual reality set up they had. 2017-01-14-15-09-55
In all the times I’ve been to Vermont I’d never been to Ben & Jerry’s, so on Sunday afternoon we took a jaunt to there.2017-01-15-12-38-13 It was bitterly cold out-just the sort of day for tasting ice cream! The tour is actually very short, so it’s kind of amazing that they have made a tourist destination out of a 6 minute video. It was still quite interesting and the nicest place ever and made me feel even better about the company and all the good things they do. We bought some merch and some big cones of delicious ice cream (Paul had a local to the shop flavor-maple walnut)2017-01-15-13-33-06, took some photo ops,2017-01-15-13-54-14 and then visited the icy graveyard. This is where they have headstones for all the retired flavors. 2017-01-15-14-00-57So many of them I thought, “That sounds delicious! I can’t believe they don’t make that anymore!” and then to cap it off I grabbed a geocache from there and it was a travel bug, so I’ll now be hiding that somewhere in a cache in NJ.2017-01-15-14-04-55  We were also able to visit friends that Paul knows from long long ago. All in all it was a great 3 day weekend.

Last weekend was the weekend of the march, which was on Saturday. On Sunday we all went skiing at Jack Frost with Clark’s Boy Scout troop. I regretted signing up and really didn’t want to go (both weekend mornings getting up at 6, ugh). Despite my brothers both being avid skiiers living in Vermont and Colorado, somehow I got passed over when it came to learning how to ski and I’ve only ever gone once before, not very successfully. To my very pleasant surprise we all had a great time! There was a lesson to start, which was very helpful and fun, then we had lunch. Afterwards we just started going down the slopes. We stuck to PowderPuff and Snowflake, and honestly they were plenty exciting. You could really get up some speed on them and several times I kept thinking about how I was careening down a steep hill and if I fell it would really hurt. But I never fell once! Clark chose to snowboard, which did involve a lot of falling (from everyone new to it, I noticed) but he had a great time with his friends and actually we barely saw him. 2017-01-22-13-46-20Tabby surprised us by being amazing at it. She loved it and confidently kept heading down completely on her own, zooming toward the bottom and ending beautifully at the ski lift. 2017-01-22-13-36-11It was not a very nice day out, but it managed to not rain on us. Clearly all the snow was manmade, and the ski lift ride was not very scenic since it was dirty brown leaves below. 2017-01-22-14-47-00 It was really fun and both kids have asked to do it again (drat! What an expensive day!)

The worst part was the tight boots which left narrow bands around both my legs that were raised into blisters. It’s a week later and the one area still really hurts! Surely that’s not right?


Oh, and somewhere in all that we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us!2017-01-17-07-34-59




Happy Anniversary!

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One Dozen//
…to me and Paul! Today is our 12th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for 12 years is linen. I made a pillow for him using linen.Happy Anniversary//’s meant to be like we carved our names and a heart into a tree-see the cool tree outer fabric? It’s the first thing I’ve sewed in 2016 and I was happy to have the sewing area back in order and tidy (post Christmas) and ready for projects.

We spent the day indulging in plain old relaxing.IMG_5478 We finished a big jigsaw puzzle, I baked oatmeal cookies, and I got the leftover Christmas ham out of the freezer and made a pot of split pea soup. And then…it started to snow!a little birdie//’ve been desperate for some actual winter weather for the past two months, and pretty disappointed by how mild it’s been. We all ran outside and were especially eager to see what Willow would think of it. She seemed pretty excited.
Snow Frolickers//
And so was Gordon. He was hopping around and playing with us and being adorable.A happy snow bunny// chickens were less thrilled. (by the way, one of the hens died the other day of natural causes. The elderly rooster-6 years old!-I really don’t expect to make it to the summer.)

If there’s one thing we do well, it’s being cozy. And with the snowfall we decided to cancel plans to go out to dinner (we didn’t even know where we wanted to go), build a fire (which we haven’t done this winter because of the lame weather), and watch a movie. What movie? The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. A Disney movie older than me, which was very enjoyable.

All in all, it was a great way to spend our anniversary. Here’s to dozens more!

2016-01-17 11.53.55
One Dozen//