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More embroidery! This is from the “Spaced Out” patterns from Sublime Stitching.  I put them on a plain white child’s t-shirt.  I’m very pleased with the result, though I wish the lines of the pattern weren’t so thick. They don’t wash away so I feel I need to cover them completely. Also, t-shirt material really isn’t suited to embroidery.  I ironed on some fusible interfacing to stiffen up the back and that seemed to work well.  Actually the rocket ship I did just plain and ironed on the interfacing afterward to cover up the ends of my threads. So, I’m not sure which was the better way to go.  I have no pictures of Clark modeling this because he says that although he likes it he does not want it because he already has a rocket shirt.  So perhaps a lucky nephew will get this. I’m really enjoying the embroidery projects. They are short and satisfying. Have satisfying results. And best of all…can be done in front of the tv.



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I'm a librarian living with my lovely family in a gorgeous spot of New Jersey, where we raise chickens and love the outdoors. I try to find enough time to indulge all my hobbies-cooking, photography, gardening, sewing, and I write about it all on my book blog & personal blog.

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  1. This is so cute! Someday Clark will regret spurning it. 😀

  2. That is totally cute! Funny that Clark doesn’t want it – it seems cool enough to me. 🙂

  3. Looks great, Sarah! Clark’s totally going to regret passing it up!

    Also, t-shirt material really isn’t suited to embroidery.

    Maybe there are other fibers more suitable to this? Something lighter and thinner, maybe? That might exacerbate the problem you’re having with the lines, but you could always skip the iron-on part and just trace the designs using an embroidery pencil. Another solution to the pencil problem might be to do more fill stitches like satin, padded satin, or buttonhole instead of chain stitching the outline. Just a thought!

  4. Yeah, I thought about doing a fill in stitch instead of just outline. In a few spots I did do fill in so that the line wouldn’t show. I’m going to start a Christmas piece featuring ornaments and I thought I might do some more decorative stitches on those. The fabric I’m using for that is oxford cloth which is quite good for the embroidery.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to add:

    And best of all…can be done in front of the tv.

    That’s the best thing, isn’t it? Of course, at this point, I can’t figure out if I stitch to have something to do while watching TV, or if I watch TV to have something to listen to when I’m stitching!


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