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Science, Meatballs, & a Parade

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We had a pleasant and very long Memorial Day weekend. The kids had Friday off so we kicked it off with Paul taking a day off and heading to Liberty Science Center. Clark had been there already this year on his school trip, but he was eager to go again and show it off. We are so used to sneaky weekdays being the best day to go somewhere and assumed that the Friday of Memorial Day weekend would not be a big class trip day-we were wrong! Indeed the place was not at all crowded with individuals, but there were several school groups there. We still had a good time, and just stuck together.
the infinity climber
Clark walks an I-beam

We especially enjoyed the Imax movie about humpback whales.  Also going out on the observation deck and checking out the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline while the Blue Angels flew overhead!
a beautiful view of the NYC skyline, and the Blue Angels flew overhead

a beautiful view of the NYC skyline, and the Blue Angels flew overhead
We pretty much spent most of the day there and then capped it off with, of course, Ikea. We can’t not take advantage of being in the vicinity and not go there. And guess what? 6pm on a Friday night is a great time to go to Ikea. It was deserted! We had a relaxing dinner of meatballs while watching the planes takeoff and land and of course found many items that we absolutely needed.

On Memorial Day we all marched in our local parade with our respective Scout troops.

2015-05-25 08.57.14

In other news the roadwork continues. They haven’t been in front of our house in several days, as they are now working their way back down the road with the paving. I can report that the section that has been paved feels great. Not only that, but last night Clark and I rode our bikes down the hill and even with loose gravel it already feels better than it used to. I’m hoping they finish up soon because the mostly dirt road is astonishingly, well, dirty. Our grass, cars, mailbox, porch–all have a fine layer of dust and dirt on them. The speeders are especially obvious now as they kick up huge clouds of dust.



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